Sunday, 10 April 2016

Cambridge Drawing Society Spring Exhibition

The spring exhibition is now well under way for the Cambridge Drawing Society, with the preview on Friday night - which was a bustling event with lots of good comments. The new location works well. The Guildhall, near the Market Square, was the original location - and although well placed for passing trade, was a very dark room which didn't really show off the work to advantage. The new building is the Pitt Building on Trumpington Street. Quite a difference. Another old building (this one owned by the University), but loads of windows and great lighting. This means that even those darker paintings can be appreciated properly.

I submitted four paintings (the maximum allowed). The submission panel have to take one from a member, but I got all four in, so needless to say, was really pleased.

Another great thing was the placing of these two paintings - the tiger is literally opposite the entrance to the exhibition - so prime spot, where the eyes draw you in to the exhibition. Next to it is the caracal (desert lynx).

As I had prime spot for those two, my other two paintings - of an elephant and a secretary bird - were placed at the far end of the aisle. However, all were well displayed with ample room to stand back and look at them (the best way to see them, I think).

Anyway, a great standard of work at this exhibition, as usual. It is really varied in medium and style - so something to please everyone. I noticed a number of red stickers on paintings as I was going around on the preview night, which is always good news!

However, no peace for the wicked..... Once everything was framed and submitted, I got back to the studio to get on with painting, as I have to get ready for the Cambridge Open Studios event, which is coming up in July. This is a cockerel I have nearly finished - just a few more tweaks I think.

I am exhibiting by myself this year, which is slightly scary, but sure I'll manage.  Nina Sage is going to exhibit at her own property - which I think is a good idea. As a printmaker, she wants to be able to demonstrate her technique, which means using the intaglio press - not something she would want to carry over to my house and up the stairs to the exhibition! This means that we have three locations in our village this year, as Kieron Dunk is also exhibiting on the same weekends as Nina and myself. Further information about the Open Studios event can be found here : Cambridge Open Studios

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